Newton Vineyard

Newton Vineyard

Widely acclaimed as a California wine trailblazer, Newton Vineyard was one of the first wineries on Spring Mountain, a rugged yet serene appellation located west of St. Helena on the eastern flank of the Mayacamas range which separates Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Newton Vineyard was established in 1977, the vision of founders Dr. Su Hua and Peter Newton, who recognized the potential of Spring Mountain as a prime viticultural region.

Newton’s approach to winemaking is meticulous, using techniques based on an old-world style including natural fermentation and bottling without filtration. The grapes are handled with care, hand-picked in small lots and transferred for gentle pressing to the Spring Mountain cellar. The winery is custom-designed to allow lots from 112 distinct parcels to ferment separately, affording the winemaker an abundance of options when constructing final blends. Barrel aging takes place in a cave built into the mountain directly underneath the winery.

These purist traditions take more time and care, but the outstanding fruit produced in this mountain vineyard deserves special attention. The artisan approach pioneered thirty years ago continues to drive the winemaking philosophy at Newton Vineyard today.

Newton Vineyard embraces a pioneering spirit that strives to work harmoniously with nature—from optimally planted vineyard blocks to a purist winemaking approach—to gently guide the fruit to its ultimate expression.

The single square mile of hillside pioneered by the Newtons in 1977 is an impressive site, with expansive vistas of Napa Valley and beyond.

The terraced mountain estate has 120 acres planted at elevations ranging from 500 to 1,600 feet above sea level. Each of the 112 distinctive vineyard blocks is planted to a specific varietal — Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Petit Verdot. These parcels reflect distinct soil types, sun exposures and individual microclimates. The blocks are fermented separately to contribute complexity to the final blended wine. As with the red varietals, the diverse Chardonnay blocks are hand-picked and vinified separately, providing the winemaker with a rich palette from which to choose when blending Newton Vineyard wines. The blocks are set among the native vegetation to preserve the ecosystem of the hillside.

The dominant feature of this remarkable site appears at the vineyard’s highest point where a single pine tree crowns the ridge line. This lone pine, over 100 feet tall and visible from many points in Napa Valley, is called Pino Solo. Pino Solo appears as the icon on the label of Newton Vineyard wines, a mark designating singular wines created from a singular passion.

The condition of the soil on Spring Mountain forces the vines to struggle, keeping yields naturally low and flavors abundant.

The winery was designed and built to blend into the mountain and includes elements of the founders’ native lands interwoven with the California environment — roses, a pagoda, a Chinese red gate, lanterns, a London phone booth and English gardens.

Newton Vineyard wines consistently showcase the full potential of our superior Spring Mountain and Carneros fruit through an uncompromising commitment to meticulous, hands-on winemaking in the purist tradition.

Every year Newton crafts a single paramount wine that represents the finest expression of its Spring Mountain Estate. Much like finding the right pieces to a puzzle, the winemaker hand selects fruit from 112 separate vineyard blocks. To preserve the unique character of each parcel, the fruit remains isolated by vineyard block for natural fermentation and barrel aging. Working patiently and in harmony with nature, Newton produces an artful blend so profound and complex that it is known as The Puzzle.

Recognized as an American pioneer of unfiltered wines, Newton Vineyard is dedicated to working in harmony with nature to transform grapes of uncompromised quality into wines of distinctive character. Based on an old-world style, Newton’s winemaking techniques include natural fermentation and bottling without filtration. These purist traditions preserve the natural depth of flavor, bouquet and structure.

A perfect everyday luxury, Newton Vineyard Red Label wines offer lively character and harmonious balance derived from a meticulous approach to winemaking. Sourced from Newton’s estate vineyards and other Napa and Sonoma County vineyards these wines are made in the Newton style to showcase the purity of fruit.

Newton’s sustainable farming practices consider the entire ecosystem, vines, animals, other plant species, soil life and type in order to minimize pests and diseases and foster a healthy symbiotic relationship between our vines and the environment. Avoiding commonly practiced short-term solutions, Newton adopts a long-term sustainable and balanced approach.

The Newton Estate is comprised of 560 mountaintop acres and is planted to 20% or 120 acres of the total. The non-farmed acreage remains in its native forested state providing natural habitat for indigenous wildlife and bringing biodiversity, ambience and balance to the estate and ecosystem.

Newton’s system of ponds captures and stores winter rains for use in summer irrigation, limiting the need to pump water from the Valley’s aquifer and reducing the amount of energy needed for irrigation. The ponds also act as natural silt dams to prevent soil erosion from entering nearby streams and the Napa River, preserving the native habitat and fishery.

A cover crop is planted in the vineyard rows to reduce soil erosion and enhance vineyard soil fertility and structure. Newton plants a seed mix designed for the extreme mountain conditions. The cover crop recipe varies with the vineyard’s age and includes native grasses and clovers such as Fescues, Rye, Oats, Strawberry Clover and Purple Vetch. Cover crop act as a "net" to hold insects. Cover crops also improve soil structure and health by enhancing the organic matter content, soil structure and soil microbial fauna.

An elaborate cave system, spanning three vertical levels and five avenues, is used for maturing Newton’s wines in barrel. This cave design creates a natural temperature control system, an early commitment by Newton to responsible energy use. A rooftop parterre garden, planted to herbs and roses, provides insulation for the Chardonnay fermentation room located beneath by maintaining cool temperatures, enhancing humidity when necessary and reducing energy requirements.

A pioneer of green architecture, Newton’s winery, garden and vineyards were designed in 1977 to enhance the natural environment of the Spring Mountain Estate. 112 distinct vineyard blocks are individually planted in their ideal terroir for each varietal clone. Grapes are picked entirely by hand, after each cluster has reached optimal ripeness under the guidance of the winemaker usually resulting in multiple passes through the vineyard. The grapes are then brought to the winery on the hillside property which is 80% underground.

Each Newton Vineyard harvest yields pomace of grape skins, stems and seeds which is collected and composted to be used later in the vineyards as a natural fertilizer and soil builder. All glass, cardboard and plastic waste generated on the property is recycled.

Newton is well known for its “Unfiltered” wines, bottled without filtration to preserve the integrity and natural essence of the superior fruit and to foster the resulting wine’s unique aroma and flavor. Indigenous yeast is also used as a winemaking choice to cultivate natural flavor which eliminates the need to use cultured yeast. The outcome of working in tandem with nature is a range of wines considered among the finest.

For the 2013 Eco Chic collaboration, Newton Vineyard unveils the Pino Solo Wine Tree by artist Derek Chen. Inspired by our estate’s iconic pine, Chen’s limited-edition Pino Solo Wine Tree symbolizes Newton’s dedication to harmony with nature. Constructed of eight vertical rods, it is set upon a base of our repurposed oak wine barrels. It stores up to twelve wine bottles, elegantly maximizing storage space while invoking the mood, spirit, purpose, and passion of Newton Vineyard. The Wine Tree is currently on display at the winery.

Newton events offer exclusive opportunities to experience our Spring Mountain Estate and connect with others who share your personal passion for exceptional wines and food.

Each year Newton Vineyard hosts exclusive events at the winery to celebrate the seasons, new wine releases and art collaborations. Showcasing current releases and select library wines paired with innovative cuisine, guests have the opportunity to enjoy the property at its finest, enjoy special offers and learn from one-on-one interaction with the winemaking team.