Grace's Table

Grace's Table

America is the great melting pot. When it comes to food it is our ethnic heritage that truly makes American food the most grand of buffets when it comes to flavors and experiences. From Matzo Ball soup to heal, to Spaghetti and meatballs to sooth. From national icons including French Steak Frites and Peruvian Causa, it is the food that defines the culture.

This classic American mix is celebrated everyday by the cuisines of the world that we serve, and the ethnic backgrounds it touches. It is the cuisine of the grandmothers and grandfathers and our various homelands that we crave, yet have forgotten the recipe, lack the skill, or the lack time to prepare. These are the foods we grew up with in our own homes or the homes of our friends or neighbors.

These are the stories we were told, the memories we can taste, all done with the respect and honor in creating the soul of each dish. Come celebrate the ethnic heritages that touch all of us every day in some way in our restaurant.

In Mauro's career, he established himself as a quick study of a myriad of cuisines, grounding himself in their historical and technical aspects, while tapping into the soul of each. He creates menus at once authentic, yet thoughtful and fresh. He has most recently come out of the kitchens as Executive Chef of The Grand Cafe, S.F. a Classic French Brasserie, Red Star Tavern and Roast House, Portland Or. a regional American tavern. Prior to that he served as Chef de Cuisine at Scalas Bistro, with a strong Italian and country French background. Earlier in his career he served as the opening team and Executive Chef for Reed Hearons Restaurant LuLu, S.F. Italian/French Riviera food and cooked alongside Bradly Ogden in the early years of Lark Creek Inn, an American regional restaurant.

With Pando's background in his fine dining career that spans the globe, so does his personal and family background. His extensive travels through Europe and South America brought his understandings of authentic cuisine to palatable honesty. His family’s background being from Argentina and Peru has landed some very authentic dishes onto their approach to a Global Kitchen.

Partnering with Mauro Pando as co-owner of Grace’s Table is Nancy Lindaas Pando. She brings 23 years of restaurant innovation in the dining room and in the kitchen along with her skill as a culinary arts instructor.

Her Scandinavian heritage shines through in the welcoming atmosphere of Grace’s Table and the precise service style guests receive in the classically casual dining room. A few of her family’s secret recipes – Grace’s Table’s House Made Cinnamon Rolls and the signature Grandma Vold's Old Fashioned Donuts – can be spotted on the menu every morning.

Nancy’s skills in setting up and opening restaurants plus training servers to sous chefs alike come from her extensive background in the industry. Nancy earned her restaurant chops in some of the best local and neighborhood spots in Seattle, Wash. – Six Degrees, Europa, and Lake Union Café to name a few. This background perfectly plays out at Grace’s Table where locals meet and visitors are made to feel at home.

Through relocations and raising children, Nancy has continued with her culinary work through consulting and through charitable events. She champions educational causes and efforts to assure healthy children and families.