Auberge Du Soleil Bistro & Bar

Auberge Du Soleil Bistro & Bar

For many, the name Auberge du Soleil connotes cuisine first, with the inn of the same name a delightful afterthought. Auberge du Soleil Restaurant began in 1981, nestled on 33 acres overlooking the lush vines of the Napa Valley. Auberge du Soleil was the vision of legendary French-born restaurateur Claude Rouas, who sought to recreate the sun-drenched ambiance of Provence in the California Wine Country. Perched on the slope of Rutherford Hill overlooking Napa Valley, Auberge du Soleil quickly gained recognition as one of the leading restaurants in Northern California, not only for its superb cuisine, but also its spectacular views of the valley below.

The cuisine has evolved with a wine country theme where innovative menus inspired by the bounty of the vine are paired with food in ways that delight and inspire longtime devotees. Adjacent to the restaurant, the Bistro & Bar offers more casual fare in a cozy, indoor atmosphere or outdoors on the wraparound deck overlooking California’s Napa Valley. It is ideal for sipping wine at sunset on the terrace, a casual meal al fresco, or a nightcap by the fireplace. Offering more that 40 of the Valley’s finest wines by the glass and boasting a cellar of nearly 17,000 wines, guests can enjoy a full sensory experience of the California wine country.

The current chef, Robert Curry, holds the record of the longest tenure. He started in 2005, and before that was the chef at Domaine Chandon. Chef Curry’s menus highlight Napa with house-made ingredients, as well as local produce. Auberge has maintained its legacy as a culinary destination, where innovative menus inspired by Napa Valley are paired with wine in ways that delight and inspire longtime devotees.

In a new world order, where tables at high-end restaurants are stripped bare and servers wear anything they want, this dining room could seem like a throwback, but the entire experience speaks of luxury. It's overlaid with a sophisticated country edge, whether that comes from looking out the window at the tree-lined hills or warming next to the indoor curved stucco fireplace. This balance of elegance and rustic is reflected at every table.

Auberge feels like a grown-up restaurant, with sophisticated food, seamless service, and views that rival any restaurant in the Bay Area.