About Us

Half Full Press is a niche publisher headquartered in Oakland, CA. Our objective is to bring unique, four-color coffee-table books that bring special subjects to the attention of a discerning public. As an independent publisher, we release books we consider to have a unique perspective and/or which provide an expertise in their subject matter.

All of Half Full Press’s publications are distributed by Publishers Group West (PGW) of Berkeley, CA. PGW is the leading book sales and distribution company in the United States, representing over 100 independent client publishers. PGW sets the standard for integrated, full-service distribution, provides complete digital conversion services, and is a top-ten vendor to book retailers and wholesalers across the country. PGW’s sales and marketing expertise, experience, flexibility, and unmatched service provide valued client publishers with comprehensive and targeted distribution of their titles in today's ever-changing marketplace. PGW’s sales staff of over 40 people includes national accounts coverage from offices in New York City and Berkeley, a house field force, a six-person special sales group, and an international sales division consisting of in-house sales reps and many more stationed around the world.

Recent Half Full Press publications include: Wonder & Delight by Dolph Gotelli, The Power of Journaling by Nicolle Ionascu and Andrea Napier, contained beauty by Debbi DiMaggio, and Design Star by Michael Gaffney.

  • Wonder & Delight - a Dolph Gotelli Christmas is an authoritative chronicle of Christmas ornaments and window displays by international expert Dolph Gotelli. It includes over 300 dazzling four-color images of spectacular three-dimensional displays.
  • The Power of Journaling is an inviting and thought-provoking journal by which the authors, using art and literature, set out to guide you down a path toward insight, showing you along the way how to broaden your perspective of life and help you learn to cope with life’s difficulties in a different and more freeing way.
  • contained beauty - photographs, reflections and swimming pools, takes readers through a photographic excursion to some of the world’s most stunning swimming pools.
  • Design Star is a definitive and heavily illustrated handbook for the flower lover who wants to go to the next level of commercial floral arrangement, and includes professional floral designer Michael Gaffney’s inside secrets, tips, and formulae for great design.

Among other gems published by Half Full Press are books showcasing the work of Ron Morgan, the most sought-after and well-recognized floral designer in the United States. His books—The Center of Attention, In the Company of Flowers, A Celebration of Clematis, and A Glass Act - inspire amateur and seasoned artists alike. Through his imaginative use of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and unusual items, Ron truly transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Other related books on flowers include The Flower Shop: A Year in the Life of a Country Flower Shop by Sally Page and The Flower Shop Christmas, also by Sally Page. Both chronicle a year at a small Dorset, England flower shop.

Additionally, Half Full Press showcased the works of other promising authors. Two examples of such works are The Time of My Life by Cherie Sutton Pettit and Venice: The Enlightened Traveler's Historical Guide by John W. Higson, Jr. The Time of My Life chronicles Pettit's pre-World-War-II travels in Europe through captivating narrative and elaborate watercolor illustrations of her travels. Higson's Venice explores in great detail the essential elements of the city’s cultural, social, and political patrimony with historical narrative.

We are currently working on two publications that should have wide appeal. The first is The Ultimate Napa Valley Experience: Wining, Dining, and Maximizing Your Stay in Wine Country, an in-house publication, and My 18 Carat Life by internationally famous jewelry designer Russell Trusso.

Half Full Press also publishes books for rising artists through the Emerging American Artists imprint. Salma Arastu, Andy Skaff, Cyndra Bradford, and Jim “JB” Budny are exceptionally talented artists who have generated widespread acclaim for their unique talents.

In addition to publishing high-end coffee-table books, we have a sister company, Source Book Publications that focuses on books on franchising. Source Book Publications has been in business since 1982 and has published over 40 books on franchising.

The publisher of both imprints is Rob Bond. Following graduation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Bond has enjoyed success in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, product management, real estate investment, consulting, and, most recently, publishing.