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Napa Valley has over 600 wineries. Your time is short. You can't visit them all. Our primary objective is to ensure you use your time most judiciously. Thirty of the truly exceptional wineries are profiled. Coupled with Napa's world-class restaurants, lodging and spas, we are confident your stay will be an unforgettable "Napa Experience."

Napa Valley is unquestionably one of the nation's most popular destinations. Known internationally for its beautiful countryside, exquisite vineyards, first-class lodging and food, Napa is perhaps best known for the variety and excellence of the world-class wines that are produced and bottled here. The Valley has over 200 wineries that offer public and/or private tastings. Based on the assumption that most visitors are severely (and cruelly) time-constrained, the sole purpose of SpectacularNapa.com is to ensure that you maximize the "Napa Experience" and minimize the unproductive time spent searching for wineries, lodging and restaurants.

By efficiently choosing which wineries you will visit, where you will stay and where you will dine before arriving in Napa Valley, you will ensure a treasured experience. We believe that the wineries highlighted offer an exceptional experience. Coupled with Napa's outstanding restaurants, lodging and spas, we are confident your stay will be memorable and thoroughly fulfilling. Most importantly, we want to ensure that you'll want to come back!